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Christopher Barham

Welcome to Christopher Barham's Akashic Records Bookstore, where you'll discover a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge! Christopher Barham, an experienced Akashic Records practitioner and teacher with a track record of helping hundreds of clients, has poured his expertise into a collection of enlightening books.

In these pages, you'll journey into the mystical world of the Akashic Records, gaining insights into your past, present, and future. Christopher's writing style is approachable and easy to understand, making complex concepts accessible to all. Whether you're new to the Akashic Records or seeking to deepen your understanding, you'll find books that cater to both beginners and advanced seekers.

Explore topics like soul purpose, past lives, healing, and more. These books offer practical guidance, empowering you to tap into the limitless knowledge of the Akashic Records. Unlock the secrets of your soul's journey with Christopher Barham's transformative books. Start your journey today!

The Ebook, “Akashic Records: Practical Perspectives” is dedicated to Oneness and everyone awakening to who they already are. This read is an experienced practitioner’s perspective to assist others to more rapidly learn and develop their own Akashic Consulting capacities. The book is filled with Awakening perspectives, and helps those who are receiving readings to get a glimpse and understanding of what is going on under the car’s hood so to speak. This practical guide touches upon the Akashic Records in broader perspectives, and also examines more specific issues like higher sensory perception, types of experiences one may have, channelling, self-trust and self-belief, feeling safe, the importance of one’s own personal psycho-spiritual process and development, and lastly the distinction between healing and curing. This quickly read guidebook is filled with extremely helpful information that only a seasoned veteran in the field can communicate. Improve your skills and understanding of the Akasha with this enchanting narration.

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