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Dive Deeper into the Akashic Records, Awakening, and Healing with

our educational systems

and supports

Here you can find courses, self-education lectures,

meditation-transformational videos,  and audio records

to improve your life

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Live Online Courses

Embark on a Journey of Divine Insight with our Online Live Akashic Records Courses. From the comfort of your own home, immerse yourself in the mystical and practical realm of the Akashic Records. Unlock profound wisdom that transcends time and space and that improves your daily life. Led by expert guides, these interactive sessions provide step-by-step guidance on accessing and interpreting the Records, empowering you to uncover your soul's purpose and manifest your highest potential. Join our vibrant community of seekers, embrace your spiritual growth, and awaken the limitless possibilities that await within the Akashic Records.

Self-Education materials

Expand your consciousness and transform your life today with our premium written and audio-video materials. We have information for every level of experience and on specific issues and techniques. Join our community and choose the best learning and development tools for yourself!

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Personal Akashic Records Reading Sessions

The Akashic Records are an infinite wellspring of knowledge, holding the blueprints of your soul's journey, revealing your purpose and potential. Through our transformative Akashic Record Readings, embark on a profound quest of self-discovery, clarity, empowerment, awakening, and healing. Uncover the mysteries of your past lives, gain insights into your current challenges, and manifest a future filled with limitless possibilities. Dare to delve into the cosmic wisdom of the Akashic Records and unlock the extraordinary life that awaits you!

Stack of Books

Books by Christopher

Dive into Christopher Barham's books, where each book serves as a key to unravel the mysteries of your soul's journey. Whether you're a novice seeker or a seasoned explorer, you can unlock profound insights, one captivating page at a time.


Bundle Packages

Choose the best bang for your buck by choosing one of our bundle packages based on your previous experience and current needs of improvement. We have collections for both beginners and advanced. 

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