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Be What You Already Are
Beyond Your Conditioned
Mind And Self-Structure

Tell Me Who You Are is here to help you connect with yourself as Source and Unity, transmute immediate health concerns, and live a life that you love!

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Tell Me Who You Are is here to help you

It is a challenging time on our great planet right now as old structures shift and change and we are left somewhat unsure, even fearful at times, as to what is to emerge from this global chaos. Tell Me Who You Are is here with support, tools, and education to help you know yourself as peace and light - Source, transmute health concerns, and live life as a conscious creator.

Tell Me Who You Are Ltd - FIle-01.png

Discover the benefits of Consciousness Healing, Akashic Reading and Consultation, Stress Transformation, and Spiritual Coaching.

Consciousness Healing Services

If you have patterns of dis-ease that you are wishing to change, be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, we can work on these together.

Akashic Reading, Healing, and Consulting

When accessing your Akashic records considerable information can be ascertained to support you in any questions, concerns, guidance, or healing that you may require.

Stress-Anxiety Transformation

We leverage the leading scientific research and practices of the Heart Math Institute as well as deeper energetic components that may be affecting your overall balance.



We want to help people open themselves to their own consciousness so they can live happier more abundant lives. We offer The Akashic School of Wisdom Courses 1-3, and we will soon offer two programs, one for youth and one for parents-guardians.

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Akashic Courses

Have you always wanted to learn to understand yourself and others from the perspective of the Akasha? Here is your path and opportunity with the Akashic School of Wisdom Course Training!

Youth Program

"Know Who And What I AM" is a learning opportunity to help youth come into deep self-awareness such they get to know themselves as source, develop tools to work through stress and anxiety to build resilience, improve their relationship with themselves and others, and to expand their consciousness of the physical and energetic Worlds. We want happy, conscious children living from their inner centre. Join the pilot program by clicking the button below! 

Parent-Guardian Program

This learning opportunity offers parents or those responsible for children, training and development to help them understand and better support their children’s inward journey and blossoming as happy, centred, productive, beings. COMING SOON!

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If you are wanting ongoing support for your ascension process or other issues, please get in touch to discuss what you are looking to create and manifest.

Gift Certificates

Treat loved ones with a personalized gift certificate to support their journey of self-exploration, healing, and stress transformation.


Read our clients' stories

I met Christopher at a time when my body was in crisis. He was insightful, gentle, patient and wise during a time of great upheaval. The healings he shared made a huge impact on me, both physically and emotionally. Once my body had settled, I determined to study with him to include these tools into the healing work I do. The Akashic Records training program was everything I could have wished for: relevant, fun, and deeply helpful and supportive, with loads of opportunities for questions and practice. These tools offer deep wisdom and guidance to my life, as well as my clients'.

- Michelle Ericksen, PhD

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