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About Us

Our vision is to help usher in the New Golden Period on Earth, so all is awake.


Our Mission

We are focused on exploring and working with human consciousness, to provide people and organizations tools and solutions to help them connect with Source, improve their performance, health and well-being, and to live joyful, happy, abundant lives.

Our Name

“Tell Me Who You Are” developed it’s name from the meditative tradition of a Master asking a student in the imperative, “Tell Me Who You Are”. This action is designed to help the learner experience and recognize that they are more than just their mind and self-structure, that they are eternal, ever-present consciousness, Oneness, unity, love.

Our Community

Tell Me Who You Are Ltd. supports a diverse range of people ranging from young children to Wisdom Keepers, individuals to partners, and small to large groups. Sometimes this also includes working with animal beings and property people care for or steward. We are all a part of the One.

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Christopher Barham

Christopher Barham's intention is to help people know who and what they are so they align with unity, love, care, and compassion, and shine like stars as they fully express their deepest selves. Christopher is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and an Akashic Record Certified Teacher of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. He is a registered Ontario, Canada Teacher, and has tertiary education in Music, Business, and Education.

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The Akashic Records

In this episode, me and Prianka Singh are talking about my spiritual journey, how I became a spiritual practitioner and the Akashic Records.

You can find it on Spotify. 

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